A Mix Of Intensity And Recovery

There are times that you need to race at full speed, putting in 110% and there are times that you have to stop, rest and recover or you are going to burn out. In a game of chess you have to look after your game piece and you are your game piece so look after yourself. For a lot of people this is not a problem, they spend their whole life coasting being content with the little that they have, they spend more time resting than doing. If that is you don’t bother reading this, this is for those who try.

Being successful takes huge amounts of determination, hard work and consistency but unfortunately human bodies can’t be pushed to their limit forever or they are going to break down. Athletes know this, if you ever watch sports you will see it in their faces, there is nothing held back when they play. If the balls in play they’re sprinting for it without reserve, it is that intensity that makes them professionals. But they have to make sure they get a full nights sleep, they eat properly, stay hydrated and look after their bodies with sports massages and yoga etc. You should treat yourself like a pro athlete in every aspect of your life, when it’s time to work go full out and do whatever you can, but you have to rest recover and take a break. Do whatever it takes to separate your mind from work wether this is meditation, reading or just lying down, it doesn’t matter how you do it.

Treat your body like an athlete does theirs: use it when you need it but recharge it when it needs it.

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