350 million people

All too often people get too caught up aiming for money, promotions or other crap they think will bring them happiness. On their way to riches, they most often lose from their life the very thing they are working so hard towards.

In this western world, we live in there seems to be a this screwed up mentality that work is a hard and unenjoyable thing and money is a compensation for your un-enjoyment.  So then you get people dragging themselves around 40 hours a week stressed, tired and miserable just so they can sit at home at the weekends resting up to start the punishment all over again. It is a back to front way of life that you would spend 5 days a week doing something that brings you no happiness just so you can live in relative comfort for two days.

Working long hours in a job you do not enjoy leaves no time for you to accomplish anything that brings you satisfaction. It becomes incredibly hard to find any meaning in life. No longer can time be spent enjoying your hobbies or advancing your skills in a field you love. You have to pass up life for work.

350 million people worldwide suffer from depression.

A huge amount of people could live fuller, happier lives if the western world mentality of sacrifice was eradicated. You should not have to sacrifice your happiness to lead a “successful” life.

We live in a world of diversity and yet we a forced to conform; forced to behave the same as the rest of our community. Behave in school, get your qualifications, go to university, get a career and a white picket fence. We are told this is the best way to lead a fulfilled life, but is it really? The most successful, and happy people in this world are those that broke themselves free from the shackles of social convention, the outliers who followed their passion despite what anyone said, the individuals that used their talents to bring great value to the world.

Every person has talents unique to themselves; you are the only one of you. No one can do exactly as you can do and your ideas could revolutionise this world. With YOUR perspective on the world and YOUR knowledge, YOU could do something great.
So discover your passion, dedicate your time and bring value to this world, you’ll find plenty of money and happiness along the way.


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