30,000 Children Starved to Death

People are not remembered by what they hoard for themselves, but for what they gift to others. It is the unique individual that values the lives of others higher than their own, that is remembered.

You will not be remembered for your wealth, your looks, your latest gadgets or your flash new car. No one will care about how much you lifted in the gym, nor will they care for your gaming high scores. Your Rolex is meaningless and your new sofa is forgotten. Now, that sounds kinda sucky right, we all love to have things and we all would like to have our existence remembered after death. But unfortunately, there is no well-trodden path that allows for this.

The well-trodden path offers you many benefits: safety, predictability and an easy life. You will not have to face opposition; you will receive help and guidance. Never will you be stuck for what to do, a new workload will be given to you. Enough wealth will come your way to buy material possessions and fancy clothes, you will be able to buy a house and live comfortably. If you follow the well walked western path you will live a life of relative luxury with more things than you could ever need. You will get your education, and will jump into a career with prospects.

But will you have given to the world all you had to give?

493626935_2c55f6f132_oHumanity has been around a long time, it is likely to be around a lot longer, we are only here for a blink. But in that blink of time, we have an opportunity, an opportunity to give to the world something that only we could. We are given the briefest of chances to create something of value, something that will enhance the world. Most people waste this opportunity, more obsessed with saving up money and getting more stuff so that they can eventually die with a lot of stuff.

Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Mohandas Gandhi all made the world a better place. They freed and liberated millions of people from suffering, at the expense of their own freedom. Each of these people were unique and they gave all they had to give to the world. Imagine how different the world would be today if they had conformed to the normal and followed the well-trodden path. They made the choice to sacrifice themselves for others. They are remembered. So now it is your time to decide, are you brave enough to strike out on your own?

Our world is still plagued with problems; we have the technology and knowledge to live in peace and happiness and yet we persist to create war, causing the suffering, torture and death of millions of men, women and children. Every day 80,000 people are murdered in the name of war, 30,000 children starve to death unnecessarily and 2000 people die from diarrhoea. It’s easy to forget the tragedies occurring every minute of the day when your tucked away in your safe house, digging into a steak with the reassurance of instant medical care if you need it. But it doesn’t stop it from happening.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”- Edmund Burke

Your actions are in part responsible for these tragedies. The Earth can facilitate the growth of twice as much food than is required, but the western world’s unsustainable appetite for meat prevents this and hence children starve to death. Your clothes are mainly made by far east workers with barely enough to eat who are routinely killed by their poor working conditions. The palm oil you consume that is found in almost every product has been responsible for the deforestation of 8.6million acres of land and the death of millions of animals with it.

You all have the potential to be great people, people that could change the world. The power to create change lies in your hands, and it is a greater power than you believe. Millions of people are suffering and dying all around the world, but if you have the ability to read this blog then you have an ability to save them. So now is your time to decide, are you brave enough to strike out on your own?

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