Thought Of The Day #15 Give More Than You Receive

Don’t be tight with your favours, give them out free of charge.

When you are at a point of comfort and safety in your life, be generous with the help you give to others who are in a worse situation. You will be building up a “bank” of favours that will come back to you when you are in times of hardship. No-one wants to face difficult situations alone; help others so they can help you in return.

In times of ease save for times of hardship.

Share your knowledge and wisdom with others, enhance their lives if you expect others to enhance yours. A society of giving and advancement is far greater than an egotistical, selfish and competitive society. Studies have shown that competition within workplaces actually serves to decrease productivity and teamwork.

You may have seen Tai Lopez’s law of 33% where he says to spend 33% of your time with people who are more successful than you, 33% of your time with your peers and 33% of your time helping those less successful than you. Most people forget about spending time helping others, but it is necessary if a society is to grow.


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