Thought Of The Day #16 Don’t Use Extreme Ideologies

One example of an extreme ideology is: setting yourself a goal to make a billion dollar business in one month, this is unreasonable and unreachable. Then you will find people on the other end of the spectrum who spend 5 years trying to perfect their business plan, they become so nervous of all the reasons a business could fail that they never start one. Neither of these mindsets will bring you success.

Extreme ideologies rarely work out, they will be more like;y to bring you to failure than success.

As with most things in life you need a balance, the goals you set yourself must be hard to attain whilst at the same time being attainable. Charlie Munger said that 18 months is a reasonable deadline to work to, progress should be fast, but not rapid. Any success that is gained quickly can be lost quickly. Most people who win the lottery end up poorer after a matter of a few years than they were before they won it.

However you need to know yourself, can you work towards strict, high pressure deadlines, or do you prefer to go at your own pace? Do large goals intimidate or inspire you? Make yourself a customised life that works for you.

At the end of the day life is a game, the end goal should always be happiness.

Image credit: edited from Mark Freeth Flickr

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