Thought Of The Day #17 Work Through Bad Times

You can not build yourself a 100% perfect life or business, unexpected problems arise that have to be solved. There will always be things that arise which take you away from what you love, friendships may break up, relatives may die. Or you may face troubles in your business: you may be infringing laws you didn’t know about or a competitor may start-up his own competing hop near yours.

Unexpected tasks arise that take you off course, the only way you can get round them is by solving the problems.

When issues arise in your life there is no option but to solve them, it’s either that or commit to failure and revert to a less fulfilling life. Time has to be spent doing things you don’t like so that you can eventually do what you do like. As long as you know what makes you happy you can keep that vision in mind.

Just make sure whatever you do is contributing to your future happiness.


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