Thought Of The Day #18 Master The Right Craft

There’s no point getting to the end of your life and finding out that you’re an expert in the wrong field. Too often people’s lives do not align with their dreams, people want to be millionaires so they try to become the best accountant or the best McDonald’s waiter. What these people need to realise is that it’s not juts becoming good at something that makes you rich and successful, it’s becoming good at the right thing.

The swiftest way to becoming a millionaire is becoming an entrepreneur.

If you follow the education route blindly then other people will push you into a worthless profession, your only talent will be remembering useless information. Look at your current career or life, is their the opportunity to be promoted into a position that will give you everything that you’ve ever wanted in life? if not then you are in the wrong profession.

Get out of any job that limits your potential, learn the skill of entrepreneurship and your possibilities for success are limitless.


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