Thought Of The Day #14 Spice Up Your Life

As i’m sure you’ve heard, “variety is the spice of life.” However there are no awards for knowing the phrase; how many of you act on what it says?

No one ever has an enjoyable life by doing the same things over and over again, eating the same food, going on the same day outs, doing the same tasks at work and going on holiday to the same places. The more you do something the less you enjoy it, new experiences release large amounts of endorphins, more than repetitive tasks.

However consistency, dedication and repletion is required to master anything, so you need a balance. Make sure you consistently work hard towards achieving your goals but also make time for new experiences: go out to new restaurants, go skydiving or start a new business venture. Whatever it is make sure you do something new every day.

A successful person is not just rich but also happy.

Image credit: edited Philip Leara Flickr

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