The Science Of Getting Rich – Wallace Wattles Summary

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In his books Wallace gives you what he calls the ‘pragmatical, not philosophical’ way to become rich. Being rich is, according to Wallace, the noblest of desires because of the opportunities for development it gives you. Success comes from making use of things in your environment but you need money to access these things. He believes that everyone deserves the right to reach their potential and that this can only be achieved when one is in full possession of wealth.

Success Comes To Those Who Know The Science

What this book gives you is a method for the success that is as certain of results as mathematical equations, if it is followed to the word. Getting rich is all about what you do and not how hard you do it. People can spend all day punching a wall for nothing but you could spend a day of investing in stocks and double your money with a fraction of the effort. Getting rich is not a matter of what environment that you start in, it is a matter of causation. Things come to you when you make them come to you. Born with no capital then go get capital and get rich. In a bad place then get in a good place. Got bad people around you then get rid off them. You are the one who gets the success.

Nature Is Limitless, Everyone Can Be Rich

Wallace says that it is a misconception that wealth is limited, he says that nature is inexhaustible. In fact he talks of a ‘formless substance’ which continually produces wealth for the men that desire it and work for it. The formless substance reacts to the needs of men. He claims that collectively the world is rich, individuals are only poor because they do not act in the certain way. It is this certain way of acting that he discusses in his book. So do not accept the common tale that markets are flooded and there is no way for you to make money, just remember the world has endless resources and you just need to find a way of tapping into them.

Visualise Your Goals

Every single thing that has come to men is as a result of an initial thought, thoughts always find a way to manifest themselves into reality. Before you attempt to do anything you have to have a clear thought of the end result or what you achieve is not under your control. Get in the mindset of dedication and you will be dedicated, equally get into the mindset that you are a successful person and that is what you will be. Once you have a thought live it, breath it and it will soon be a reality. The power to turn thoughts into success lyes in the ability to control the way that you think. Thinking health in the midst of disease and thinking wealth in the midst of poverty is the key to success. Do not become distracted by other peoples failure or they will become your own. Don’t think according to what surrounds you or you have no control over your fate.

Get Off The Competitive Plane

The realisation that their is endless wealth for you to make use of takes you off the competitive plane. Becoming successful at the expense of others is not a success, what you take from others can easily be taken back. If you have a clear aim and are above the competitive plane then no one can take what you have and you don’t need what others have. What you are doing will advance the life of others, who is going to take that from you? There is no need to be hasty to enforce an idea that you just had because no-one can take away what you want to achieve, there are limitless resources in the world.

Give The Customer Something Of Value

The only way that you are going to be consistently bringing wealth to yourself is if you give more in use value to people than you get in cash value for return. Wallace uses his book as an example, if you follow the advice in his book then you will become rich, you will have turned a something of little value, just some paper and ink, into something worth thousands or millions of pounds in use value. Do not try to exploit customers for your own gain, your aim in life should be to advance their lives more than your own. If you are doing this then you cannot feel bad for becoming wealthy because along the way you have made others wealthy. You should want for others what you want for yourself and wealth will come to both of you.

Act With A Specific Goal In Mind

There is a certain way you need to think, according to Wallace, and that is with exact purpose and desire. It is not enough to have a general yearning for wealth and success. Everyone wants this, what you need it a specific goal, exactly how much do you want to be earning in one years time? Exactly what do you want to be doing in one years time? This is what you need to answer. When writing a letter you don’t give the recipient a general jumble of words and allow them to make their own sentences out of it, you write with a purpose and point. This should be true for you life, don’t aim to be a millionaire aim to make £1,896,764.54 in 256 days by selling cars to families. It is specific aims that will come true and general aims that will not. You have to want something enough that it is always on your mind.

Become Fully Engaged In Reaching Success

Now you know what you want you have to act. Don’t spend your time daydreaming about what you want because you are not trying to get it, it’s a waste of time. Keep your desire in mind, keep your face towards it at all times and act on it. Be like a sailor: have a destination in mind and never sway from that compass bearing and continue to move towards it. However the only person that you should enforce your will upon is yourself, forcing people to do things for you either physically or intellectually is no better than condemning them to slavery. Only use your willpower on yourself and use it to take you to your dreams. Study success and learn how to get to it, be so engrossed in what you want that anything that opposes it is excluded from your mind. Act with only  one goal in mind and don’t stop until you achieve it. Remember you will be helping people in this way by providing them with the inspiration they need to develop themselves.

Pick Up The Tools You Need As You Go Along

You need skills to be successful, professional singers are really good at singing but there are plenty of amazing singers that haven’t made it in to major league. There is clearly something that is missing and that thing is, in Wallaces’ opinion, that certain mindset for success, the tools needed to deliver your talents. You can give a person the tools needed to build a chair, but if they don’t know how to use them effectively no chair is getting built. The mindset for success is more important than the tools needed to give it to you. Desire is power waiting to manifest itself. If you want to achieve something enough then you will learn how to do it. You can become successful in any business, you will just need to make the tools necessary along the way.

So to get rich you need:

– To understand that resources are limitless and there for the taking

– To have a clear aim that is strong enough it never leaves your mind

-To find a way to bring great value to others lives before your own

– To act on your desires with out ever drifting from your true purpose

– To develop the necessary skills along the way

Good luck getting rich.

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2 thoughts on “The Science Of Getting Rich – Wallace Wattles Summary

  1. The book ‘Science of Getting Rich’ by Mr. Wattles is a little outdated; but, very prophetic. In the 21st century some of what Mr. Wattles says in his book is no different from the advice students receive in an MBA program. Nevertheless, compare Mr. Wattles statements below to other statements made by modern day advertisers, and state operated lotteries further down:

    1). “Thinking in a Certain Way (process) will bring riches to you, but you must not rely upon thought alone (marketing), paying no attention to personal action (advertising)”.- Mr. Wattles, ‘Science of Getting Rich’ 1910
    2). “You must give every man more in use value than he gives you in cash value”.- Mr. Wattles, ‘Science of Getting Rich’ 1910
    3). “A person must pass from the competitive to the creative mind. Otherwise he cannot be in harmony with formless intelligence, which is always creative and never competitive in spirit”.- Mr. Wattles, ‘Science of Getting Rich’ 1910

    Now! Compare the above listed statements by Mr. Wattles to modern day advertisers, and state operated lotteries in the 21st century listed below:

    1). “Essentially, Marketing is the process (Certain Way) used to build business”.- Andrew Griffiths, ‘101 Ways to Advertise Your Business’ 2004
    2). “To encourage frequency of Lottery playing offer low cost (use value) game entry and huge jackpot (cash value) rewards”.- Roger Dunstan, ‘Gambling in California’ 1997
    3). “State lotteries do not compete head-to-head for lottery business, presenting a unique opportunity for industry cooperation to develop and bring the best games to market”.- Texas Lottery Commission ‘Comprehensive Business Plan (Fiscal Years 2012-2015)’

    *Note: In a nutshell what Mr. Wattles didn’t say in 1910 and what modern thinkers today are saying is that by marketing, the thing you want is brought to you and by advertising you receive it. Mr. Wattles, nonetheless, remarked that those particularly in the Health industry would benefit greatly from his advice; yet, I believe his teachings are already being incorporated into modern day lotteries or gambling enterprises. 


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