What Your Body Says About You

Your physical appearance is the first thing that anyone ever notices about you, either you can portray yourself as being fit and hardworking or fat and lazy. As I said in my other post, how to make a good first impression, it takes just 7 seconds for someone to make a judgement of you, the majority of the time it will be based on how you look. Your body is simply a way to portray your personality, are you someone who is dedicated, hard-working and looks after themselves? Or, would you rather use your spare time to eat, watch TV and get out of shape.

I’m, not saying that if you are out of shape you can’t achieve in business, but it could be a lot harder for you. Everyone judges people by their appearance, they can’t help it, it is hard-wired into our brains as a survival tactic. Everywhere you go you will be having to battle over people’s misconceptions of you. People may be put of you, they may simply assume that you lack dedication and assume you don’t work hard.

But if you are truly a successful person you won’t simply be relying on extrinsic motivation, you will want to be in shape for yourself. I like Tai Lopez’s principle that you are successful only when you achieve your potential in health, wealth, love and happiness in that order. He puts health first and it is fundamental to you being happy, you can have all of the money in the world but if you get too ill to move then you can’t enjoy it. Being in good shape gives you the freedom to move and enjoy life to its full.

The Best Intrinsic Motivation

– You will live longer with a stronger heart and stronger joints.

– You will reduce your risk of getting certain cancers.

– Your anxiety, stress and depression will all be reduced.

– Your energy levels will increase, you will be able to do more in a day.

– You will sleep better, therefore you will perform better mentally every day.

– You will achieve your potential

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Being dedicated in all aspects of your life will help you to remain dedicated and hard-working. You may work really hard at work but if you get home, stick on the TV and start munching into some snacks you will begin to build up bad habits. You will find that you rather enjoy being lazy at home, it will begin to creep into your work and the rest of your life. Bad habits are hard to break and change, if you truly want to be successful then you should build up good habits in all aspects of your life. Develop that mindset of always achieving your potential, never put excuses in the way of you developing you weaknesses.

So start getting in shape, eat healthy and do some exercise. There are plenty of places online that you can find out how to get in shape, have in you mind a vision of the kind of body you want. Research how to get it and then get it. If you are currently an unhealthy person then it will take a while to change so start today. Throw out all you junk food and go for a run.

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