Thought Of The Day #7 You Can Change Your World

You are not limited to the situation you are currently in, it is merely a springboard for you to launch into the future of your life. Too many people accept their life to be something unchangeable, they are stuck in a cycle of mediocrity. It’s only when you realise that you have the power to achieve more, that you will.

You may be on minimum wage right now, you may not have an education of even your own house or apartment. That doesn’t matter, once you realise that you can change your situation you will soon progress. Most of the billionaires alive today came from middle or lower class backgrounds, your upbringing doesn’t dictate your future.

A man is not responsible for where he starts, but he is responsible for where he finishes.

Begin today to forget about the limitations other people set on you, if you live in a poor area no-one will believe that you could become a millionaire, they will tell you it will never happen. Whatever you do don’t let those thoughts become impressed upon you. Write down your dream life today, write down 100 things about the perfect life for you. Then realise that will be your future.

Image credit: edited from Moyan Brenn Flickr

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