TOTD #9 Goals Vs Visions

Goals are realistic and attainable, visions are unrealistic and rarely attainable on their own. An example of a vision is a poor person wanting to be a billionaire, but a goal for that person might be to get a raise at work. You notice how the goal is far more attainable. Unrealistic visions are unlikely to come true in one step, you don’t go from poor to a billionaire, you go from poor to average to wealthy and finally to being a billionaire.

Use your visions as a guide for your goals, break down your visions into manageable steps. It is easier to take 100 small steps than 1 ginormous step. As you progress in life your goals will become bigger and bigger, it will take time butt compound interest is a key to success.

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Image credit: edited from Jochen Frey flickr

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