Thought Of The Day #13 Use Other Peoples Talents

Experts in their fields are not rich, the people who own them are.

Richard Branson is a great example of this, he owns over 400 companies and yet doesn’t have the required knowledge to fully run any of these companies on his own. He uses other people’s knowledge and talents to run his companies, Richard Branson has the amazing talent of getting people to do what he wants them too. He has experts in aviation, technology and media running his companies, people who know far more about that field than he does.

However he is the billionaire, by being able to use other people’s talents effectively Richard Branson has managed to build 8 billion dollar companies. He admitted this in his book when he said that the manager of virgin music was the key to their success because he had all the knowledge of music. Richard Branson didn’t know enough about music to run virgin music on his own, so he employed someone else who could.

There is already enough talent in this world, there is no need for you to add to it. All you need to do is find lots of talent, join it together, and focus it towards an end goal. That is a key to success. Opera is another great example of this, she brings together people with amazing talents and talks about them, her success depends on other people’s amazing talents.

There is only one talent that matters when you want to make money: people management.

Image edited from: Flickr Tom Wolf

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