Get Far Away From The Average

Your surroundings are a physical manifestation of you mindset.

You do not want to be the average person; “the majority of people live in quiet desperation” – Henry Theroux

If you want success you have to travel as far way as possible can from the average, the average person is has lost out on their potential. You do not win at life by being average, dictate your life and do not be a slave to the averages. Step out of conformity to form a life of wealth. The average person is not happy, they live in quiet desperation.

They live day by day, hating their jobs, hating their relationships and hating themselves. The only place solace is found is in their breaks from work, the average person lives for the holidays. You should not enjoy only 20% of your life, yet the average person does.

Get away from the average, don’t eat average food, don’t hang around average people, don’t have an average job, don’t surround yourself with average ideas.

People rarely realise their full potential, if you can each yours you will be well beyond the averages.


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