Does A Formal Education Make You Rich?

Although having a great brain can help you make money, it definitely isn’t a prerequisite and it may turn out that being too clever can be detrimental. Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Mark Zuckerberg have all proved wrong the misconception that you all need a formal education, that sitting in a class room is needed for success. All of these people are college dropouts and billionaires. Thats right, these people didn’t need college and it may be that you don’t either.

If people succeed without college then why does anyone go?

It provides provides stability for people and delays adulthood. People are scared to enter into a life of their own and they choose to continue going to school to delay the inevitable.

A guaranteed job at the end. Risk taking is scary, no-one wants to dive into uncertain things. So when given the choice between a guaranteed mediocre job and a chance at an amazing life they opt for safety and mediocrity.

A lack of direction in their life. Some people really don’t know what to do with their life and believe that college will give them that direction.

Expectations placed upon them. Parents often want their children to go to college because they want their children to have a risk free life. Although parents force children down a comfortable path out of love they often limit their potential.

If you are going to college or university for any of these reasons chances are you shouldn’t, it’s a bad choice for you.

What does make people rich?

They are innovators. They spot up and coming products and make use of them, they are the first on the scene and create something totally new. If you want to get rich at a young age you can’t follow the standard route, make a new one.

They have drive in bucket loads. Often the people that choose to skip college and get rich on their own know the risk they are taking, they realise theres a high chance they will fail. This fear of failure spurs them on, it keeps them working hard until the end. The hard work and dedication takes them through all the bad stages and delivers them to success.

They follow their own paths. No-one ever became a billionaire by doing what their parents or friends wanted them to do, by following the ‘recommended route’. If you do what someone else wants you to do then you will never have enough motivation to reach your potential.

They look for challenges. The people that are best at overcoming challenges are the ones that purposefully hunt for them, people that want to prove that they can achieve in the face of diversity. If you want to be successful you cannot avoid all obstacles or you will end up down the mediocre safe path, look challenges head on in the face and break through them.

What should you do?

This depends entirely on your aims in life because obviously not everyone should skip college/ university and not everyone should go. If you want to be a genius, a doctor, scientist or mathematician then you need to go. Any skill that you want to acquire that takes huge amounts of knowledge requires you to go to college/ university. You may want to change the world by inventing a life changing biofuel or cure cancer, if so then go to college/ university. But if your aim in life is to be rich the you may do well to take the path less trodden because often it leads to billionaires. But hey, do what you want, it’s your life. Just remember what Mark Twain said ‘Don’t let schooling interfere with your education’.

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