How To Make Money Without Startup Capital

It is easier to start up a business with a lot of money, if you have the skills to do so. A lot of money leads to a quick start up and a quick return. But if you are now starting your first business you shouldn’t be doing it with large amounts of money, you will make mistakes on your first attempt and may possibly fail, it is better to do this with a $100 startup than a $100,000 start up. But chances are you will need some money to start a business.

Sell Off What You Own

If you have things lying around you don’t use any more, jewellery, clothes old mobiles or TV’s the get on eBay and sell them. You can’t complain about having no money if you have things to sell.

Sell Your Services

Selling a service often costs a lot less than selling a product because you won’t have the cost of making the product. If you are a good accountant then advertise that fact and get some clients, or do something requiring less skill, babysit or dog walk.

Take Advantage Of Free Advertising

Target your business at the most suitable social network, know your average customer and find out what they use. Go on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Use all of them but focus on the ones your customers use most, free advertising is a must for all businesses these days.

Get Crowdfunding

This is the best way to get money if you can, websites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe or Indiegogo give you the opportunity to sell your business idea to real people. If people want to see you product succeed they can donate money towards it. Crowdfunding is great for multiple reasons, it makes you have a good business plan so that you can sell it, it gives you honest feedback as to wether your business will be successful and if you get the funding then you will have an immediate client base when you start up.

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