If You Are Not Progressing Then You Are Regressing

With access to the internet and so many books there is no excuse for you not educating yourself today, there is a wealth of valuable knowledge ready for the taking. The world is constantly evolving, people everywhere are constantly developing, making them and their surroundings improve. The moment that you stop developing will be the one you are going to be left behind.

Being in a ‘comfort phase’ is safe, there is no risk involved when you decide not to change your life. That is why it is called the comfort phase. But if you are not progressing then you are regressing, it is impossible to stay the same. If you are in business and you don’t constantly appeal to the changing market then your company will regress, if you are an engineer but you don’t continually educate yourself on new technologies then you will regress. You have to remember that when you choose not to educate yourself you give others the chance to take away from you what is yours, wether that be a job or customers. Other people will be surpassing you, they will be educating themselves.

Never stop learning, hunt out knowledge. Be as hungry to learn as you are to eat, if you want to become superior then you need a superior brain. Check out my recommended books to enhance your life.

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