How To Turn Ideas Into Money In 5 Steps

Ideas are extremely important to having success, you cannot go achieve anything without the initial idea to do so. If you want to sell a product to customers it has to be something new, something innovative and unique. But what is really important is the ability to turn those ideas into reality, it’s no good having the idea of a new product and service if you cannot deliver it to a customer. Ideas on their own are worthless, but acting on them is priceless.

1. Get A Great Idea

No matter what you do your idea needs to be great, you can’t sell something that no-one wants no matter how hard you try. Your ideas need to have value to the world, you need something that people want to buy. Come up with an idea than can provide more in use value to a customer than is given to you in monetary value.

How to come up with a great new idea: The Idea Hunter – Andy Boynton | Bill Fischer book summary 

2.Protect your Idea

Document your ideas to remain in possession of it, prevent anyone from stealing you idea. Write you ideas down in an inventors journal and have a witness sign it, this is what you will hold onto through the process of applying for a patent. Keep your idea under raps if you can, never give anyone the opportunity to claim it as their own.

3. Keep Your Vision In Mind

Continue to visualise your idea becoming a reality, too many people give up when they find unexpected challenges come up. You need to believe that your idea can become a success and don’t give up until it happens. Turning an idea into a reality is hard, it will test your limits and you will feel like giving up. But it’s like Winston Churchill said “if you’re going through hell, keep going”. Eventually with enough effort and persistence you will see your idea turn into reality, then you will get the payoffs.

4. Take Risks Even Though They Are Risky

It takes a lot of commitment to ride your ideas through failures, many risks you take will end in failure. But many of them will also end with huge success. Don’t let failures deter with you, learn from them you will get an equal success.

5. Market Your Ideas

Now you have the idea and dedication to pursue it to the end you need to find a way to get it into the customers pockets. Find out who your customer is, what do they do, how can you reach out to them. Are you going to start-up your own business or get a license with another company to sell it? You need to ask yourselves all of these questions, but whatever you do don’t forget your original image, don’t let it turn into something it is not.

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