How To Study Effectively

School is all about learning, if you want to succeed in school then you need to study. Being able to study well is one of the best skill sets you can have, it will give you an advantage when doing anything new when your older. The faster you can absorb information, the faster you can put it into action and the faster you can get results.

Do It For You

Your source of motivation should not come from your teachers and parents telling you to study, it should not come from the incentive of passing exams and it should not come from your desire to get into a top college or university. Studying is such a fundamental part to your personal development, it should not be dependant on such fickle things as that. You should start wanting to learn and discover the world, the world is the most interesting things. You have to remember that it’s not always an immediate source of fun but the feeling of progressing over a period of time is.

Study In A Good Place

Find a small space in your house, school or local library, somewhere that is free from noise and distraction. When studying you need to be solely focused on what your doing, make it a comfortable environment where you feel at ease. Get yourself a nice drink to have next to you, play a bit of music if you want (classical is best when studying). You will soon realise that studying not so bad.

Discover Your Interests

Educating yourself is interesting and there are so many things that you could focus on. are you the sort of person that likes to have a broad view of the world or do you like to study the little details? Do you like finding how different subjects blend together like maths and art? These are questions you need to ask yourself before studying. But in school I know you will have some compulsory subjects you don’t necessarily like, that’s fine but you just have to find a way to become fascinated by it, find out how it links to subjects that you like. Once you find a way to be interested in learning your studying will become easy and your grades will go through the roof.

Reps, Reps, Reps

Learning takes consistency, you will rarely learn something by reading it once it will take a sequence of times. Some things will take longer than others but the key is not to cram it in. If you try to rush studying then clearly you haven’t mastered the previous steps and you are not interested. Allow yourself time to learn things, go over the same things again and again until you understand them. Continually test you knowledge so you know what you know and don’t know. Don’t just assume that the information is going in.

Build Up Good Habits

Have a set schedule and be consistent with it, start at the same time every day and study on the same days every week without exception. Lock yourself away for however long it takes the work to get done, do this consistently and it will become easy. Once good habits are built up they takes a long time to break, however it will be hard work building up these habits. It will take hard work and dedication, but once your there you’ll have it for life. It will carry you easily through the rest of your education and it will carry you through jobs and anything that comes after.

Get Plenty Of Rest

All of this studying is going to be tiring for your brain, no matter how much you enjoy it. Make sure that you give yourself at least one day of a week and make sure that you sleep enough in the week, don’t pull all nighters. Sleep is required for your brain to develop, don’t skimp on it.

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