Use Your Body To Get Rich

The way you use your body influences the way you are seen and there for affects your earning potential. Of course i’m talking about body language, the universal language that shows your true feelings. If you can’t get your body language under control your deepest thoughts will be on show for everyone to see, there’ll be no hiding. If you feel nervous everyone will know, if you feel angry you won’t b able to hide it. If you do not consciously control your body language then your body will do the talking for you.

Psychologists are continuing to develop their understanding of the meaning behind your body language, the information is out there for everyone to know, people will be learning to translate body language. Police officers have been using the study of body language for years to tell lies from facts, some people are really in tune with what your body is saying. But just as your body language can be a weakness to you, it can just as easily become a strength. Actors have the secret, they make millions by being able to control their body language.

So What Really Is Body Language?

Body language is anything that your body does, you are continually expressing how you feel through your body every minute of the day. Until you learn to master it you are constantly a victim of it, every waking minute your body is subconsciously making you act in certain ways. From your posture, to your hand movement and even your eye movement you are expressing how you feel. Really it is any non-verbal communication. Surprisingly it makes up 93% of human interaction, so it is extremely important when making connections with people. Your body language tells the other person more about you than what you actually say to them.

How Important Is Body Language In Your Life?

Any level of success in your life is determined by how well you can interact with people, no matter how hard you try to avoid people you’ll have to deal with them at some point. If you’re in business you are going to have to deal with customers, partners and suppliers, a business cannot be built on its own. If you want to build successful relations with people then you need to communicate effectively. If you want to be promoted your boss will have to like you. If you want to work in a happy environment your colleagues are going to have to like you and the list goes on. You need to have a good understanding of what you’re communicating to people 93% of the time, good communication build good relationships. People that can effectively build good relationships

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How To Master It

With so many aspects of body language I cannot address them all without writing a ten thousand word essay, even that probably wouldn’t do the job. But I will address the points I believe will be most beneficial to you in your lives.

1. Walk with purpose and authority. Changing the way you walk is one of the easiest things that you can change about your body language. Start walking 20% faster, take long strides, keep your chin back and puff out your chest. You’ll come across as a leader, confident and to be respected.

2. Look up. Looking down is a sign of insecurity but looking up shows you are confident and have nothing to hide. You’ll notice world leaders never look down at their feet.

3. Be expressive with hand gestures. Effective speakers can tell a story just with their hands, they show their emotions by how they move their hands. This is something that takes a bit of practice and learning, don’t hold your elbows close in at your sides, be loose with your arms and you will appear relaxed and at ease.

4. Look people in the eye. This is probably the best known example of effective body language yet it does take confidence, a lot of times when people are nervous they will look away from the people they are talking to. Avoid this, keep your eyes wide open (don’t squint) and engage them in what you’re saying by looking them in the eye.

5. Smile. The simplest yet most effective form of body language. People will automatically find you friendly and approachable. They will be more likely to engage in conversation with you and build up a conversation. Also people imitate emotions so by smiling you will make the people around you happy.

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