The Difference Between Millionaires And Billionaires

From a poor persons perspective millionaires are rich and billionaires are unbelievably rich, but what separates the two? Do billionaires know more than millionaires or do some millionaires just not want to become billionaires? Either way the difference between the two is massive: there are roughly 2,000 billionaires in the world roughly 0.00003% of people in the world, but there are roughly 15,000,000 millionaires which is roughly 0.2%. Clearly the billionaires have a pretty well-kept secret that even the most ambitious of us cannot achieve. However just because a small amount of people ever become millionaires doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, it’s like the old proverb says “if you’re going to throw a spear, aim for the moon and you might miss and hit an eagle. If you aim for an eagle, you might miss and hit a rock.” Aim to be a billionaire and even if you don’t make it you’ll be a pretty well off millionaire

Lifestyle Differences

It turns out being a millionaire is not what it used to be, you’ll live a decent life with a nice house, private tuition for your children and have great holidays. You will be able to buy some nice cars like Ferrari’s and over all your life will be pretty decent, but it is poverty compared to a billionaire. These people have private jets, guarded houses with hundreds of staff and even their own islands like Richard Branson. Every need possible is tended to and they can live a life of complete luxury so it’s no question that every millionaire probably wants to become a billionaire but they don’t know how.

The Real Differences Between Them

1. Self discipline. Millionaires are self disciplined too, but billionaires will take it to the extreme. When they are in the process of becoming a billionaire there will not be one thing in life that distracts them from their purpose which brings me onto my next point.

2. They ALWAYS have a purpose. Unlike a lot of millionaires they never lack for goals, once one is completed they have another goal lined up, they always overlap. Their goals are more ambitious, they won’t set themselves a goal they think they could reach, they’ll quadruple that goal.

3. They can inspire others. No one has the ability to make billions on their own, they do not have skills worth billions of pounds. But what they can do is inspire others to make money for them. They are skilled in bringing together lots of different people with different skills and making them work together productively. They are not one person making billions, they are one person overseeing thousands of people making them billions.

4. They can predict where the world is going. They focus on the large picture of the world as a whole, where millionaires may focus on developments in their field billionaires will look at the evolution of humanity and react to that prediction. If you can predict what the world will be like in ten years then you can become a massive shareholder in that new world.

5. They invest. The biggest skill set a billionaire will have is their ability to spot and invest in talent. Think about the people who invested in Mark Zuckerberg, I don’t know the exact details but they probably invested just a few thousand and turned it into billions. If you can spot talent you can easily turn thousand into billions by almost ‘piggybacking’ of their success. That’s not completely true, you do need to be able to help in the management of the business but spotting the talent is the real skill.

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