Keep Your Ambitious Goals Under Wraps

Having extremely high goals is necessary for success, it gives you something to aim for and motivation during hard times. (If you don’t know your ambitious goals then find out how to get one here). But it may not be a good idea to shout your ideas across the roof tops for multiple reasons:

1. You might change your mind. This is a simple reason yet a lot of people forget about it. They get caught up in the idea of new goals that they believe that’s all they will ever want to do, however new and better things come along which could change your mind. It will be a lot easier to change your mind if people haven’t already placed an expectation upon you. Say for example you had been telling everyone from an early age you wanted to be a lawyer but before you went to university you changed your mind. People will have envisioned you being a lawyer and they might judge you for changing your mind, they may think you ‘wimped out’. You will then be judged by them.

2. You will have made your accomplishment seem effortless. This is really just a way to show off, but say you become a millionaire without telling people that’s what you wanted to be. They’ll think you did it without trying and they will be in awe of you. This may not contribute to your success but it sure will feel great.

3. You won’t exclude yourself from friendships. Your friends and family could feel intimidated by you goals and pull away from you. You large dreams could make them feel inadequate and inferior. You could hurt someone and damage your relationship by always talking about how good you are going to be.

4. People can’t prevent what they don’t know is coming. The world is full of competition, if people know you are striving for something big then chances are someone ether going to try to beat you to it or possibly worse, simply stop you from getting there. Not everyone is as nice as you and me, they don’t want to see people succeed. Be like an assassin, quietly and secretly accomplish your goals.

5. When you achieve it you will have done it for yourself. Sometimes building up people’s expectations of you can lead to you trying to fill them. Sometimes you may not fully achieve your goal, but you will continue to try and fail simply to live up to someones expectation of you. It;s better for people to have low expectations of you because then whatever you achieve you have only done so to satisfy your own desires and not the desires of someone else.

WARNING. Do not take this advice to the extreme, there are people in the world that will aid your success. These are the people you should share your goals with. Find people who want to support you and can actually help you reach it. These people are often successful themselves, they won’t feel inferior to your goals and won’t feel like they have to hold you back. Share your goals with these people only.

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