Uneducated Action Is Worthless

Knowledge is the key to success, that is why I read 1-2 books a week. It is the people who know the most that are the most successful. Billionaires are the people who know the most about everything in their chosen profession, they are the most knowledgeable people in their fields in the world. If you want to become the most successful person in the world you need to know the most about being successful, more than anyone else. No amount of effort can make up for a lack of knowledge.

IQ Doesn’t Matter

Don’t think that to be successful you need a high IQ, it is not the people who naturally have high brain power that become successful. You could have the most powerful brain in the world but you may not choose to learn anything. The thing that separates successful people is their ability to absorb useful information. CEO’s read a book a week on average, more than 90% of them listen to audiobooks whilst commuting. If you want to be successful at anything then you need to become a learning machine. Every opportunity you can get you should be digesting knowledge. Knowledge separates modern-day men from cavemen, that is the only difference. If you took all of the knowledge away from humanity and made them learn again then we would be cavemen. The same difference lies between successful people and non successful people.

You Need The RIGHT Knowledge

Theres no point knowing the name of Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend if you want to make money, there’s no point knowing the name of the latest singer if you want to start-up your own business. In our society we fall victim to pop culture, people know more about the personal lives of celebrities than they do about achieving your goals. Think of your brain like a cupboard, you can only put a certain amount of knowledge in it. Don’t clutter it up with worthless information. Think about what you learn in this way: every useful piece of knowledge could gain you a dollar, but every useless piece of knowledge could lose you a dollar. Be selective with what you allow into your brain.

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How To Learn

It’s simple really just read, listen, watch and talk.

1. Read. Find books that relate to your goals and read them, read for one hour a day. Find blogs and articles related to your goals and inhale the information. Find anything that’s worth while reading anywhere.

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2. Listen. There are plenty of podcasts and audio books you can listen to, find ones that advance your life and listen to them while you do tasks like driving, cooking or exercising. Listen in on successful people’s conversations, listen o your boss speaking or anyone you admire. Keep your ears open for any useful information.

3. Watch. There are plenty of YouTube channels dedicated to personal development and business. Here are my favourites:

Brandon Carter


Tai Lopez

Ameer Rosic

4. Talk. Find like-minded people or mentors and talk to them. Extract knowledge out of their brain and put it into yours. Actively seek put people you want to be like and learn how to be them.

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