Learn To Speed Read In Seven Steps

We live in a world where knowledge is everything, physical ability is no-longer that important, if you can gain enough knowledge then you will become rich. All of the knowledge you need is readily available to you, we live in the information age. You can teach yourself anything through the use of the internet or through books. There fore one of the most important skills you could have is being able to read faster. Warren Buffet, one of the richest people in the world, said that if he could have any super power it would be to read super fast. The tips that i’ll give you here could make it possible to read 2x or 3x faster. The main way to read faster is to eliminate subvocalisation, that is saying the words in your head as you read them.

1.Don’t Worry About Comprehension

When you first start learning to speed read you will notice a large drop in your comprehension. This is normal and it’s impossible to do it any other way. The best way to learn is to read fast is to look at a lot of words quickly and then let your brain catch up.

2.Move Your Eyes In Bigger Jumps

Your eyes don’t move smoothly they jump a fraction at a time. To demonstrate this to yourself cover up one eye with your hand and move your eye from left to right. You can use this to your advantage when reading a page, try and make your eye jump from 1/4 of the way along the line to 3/4 along the line. Your mind will be able to take in the words because of peripheral vision.

3.Avoid Regression

Avoid the temptation to look back over the words you just read, try not to zone out as you read because this will waste time. Most people spend a large amount of time re-reading stuff, this just isn’t necersary and it’s a waste of time. The more you practice not re-reading the better you will get at staying focused.

4.Read With A Pencil In Hand

Trace the words with a pencil as you go. This will allow you to monitor your speed, move it slightly faster than you feel comfortable. After a time you will find yourself reading faster and faster. It also serves to keep your eyes focused and allows you to move your eyes in bigger jumps.

5.Count Numbers In Your Head

To try and avoid speaking the words in you head count from one to four again and again. You can even mouth this as you think it. This may lower your comprehension rate to begin with but you will get used to it and start reading faster.

6.Practice Active Reading

Don’t assume that the important information is going to jump out of you, chances are if your speed reading your not reading a novel. You need to purposefully seek the important information. Once you get good at this you’ll be able to skim over unnecessary things, you’ll save yourself loads of time.

7.Know When To Read Fast

There are certain things that you can skim over and read fast because a high comprehension rate is not too important but when it comes to reading things like legal documents it’s time to slow down. Lots of books are full of useless information, little stories to further the point etc. Only read important information slowly.

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