How To Become A Professional At Anything

Beginning new projects is exciting, you are biologically hard wired to enjoy it. Endorphins (pleasure hormones) are released at the mere prospect of a new project, you’r body literally makes you want to try new things. But trying things doesn’t make you good at things, that comes from consistent effort.

Consistent And Purposeful Effort Is The Only Route To Mastery

You don’t become a master of something by giving it a try for a week, professional sports players aren’t playing on T.V in their second week and professional musicians haven’t just had a couple of lessons. Malcolm Gladwell says in his book Outliers that it takes 10,000 hours to become world class at something. Thats roughly ten years of practicing your talent 3 hours a day, that is complete dedication. There are other variants of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule like it takes 1000 hours to become an expert and 100 hours to stop being rubbish. But they all agree that becoming the best at something requires huge amounts of time.

How Can You Become A Master?

Find yourself a teacher. No matter how hard you try to become good at something you are going to need someone to show you how to do it, wether this is a mentor, coach or traditional teacher. Find someone that is as good as you wan to be and get them to teach you.

Dedicate time every day. Now you know how much time it takes to master something you need to start today, you cannot let things get in the way. Developing your skill should become the priority. Learn about the 5 steps to a higher level of motivation.

Keep you end goal in mind. You cannot lose sight of what you are trying to achieve, if you forget why you are doing something you will lose all motivation. Put up pictures of what you want to achieve, at a young age Arnold Schwarzenegger kept photos of his bodybuilding idols around his room. That being said you still need some sense of achievement which is my next point.

Achieve mini wins. To keep yourself motivated you need to find yourself achieving things, set small weekly goals that you should strive to achieve, trust me each of these wins will renew your sense of purpose.

Don’t let a lack of success deter you. You may notice a quick increase in skill after you first start something but after that it’s going to be a long slow climb to being a professional. Don’t let slow advancement put you off, it takes everyone time to become good at something, if you stop now you will never become a pro.

Enjoy being a master at something, you are now in the elite group, but don’t become self centred and arrogant. Spread your knowledge and help others to achieve what you have achieved.

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