Thought Of The Day #3 It Is Not Enough To Hope

Hope is not a strong enough emotion to take you to success, hope is based on a foundation of achieving something that you believe impossible to get. To hope for something is the same as wishing for something, it is a feeling that promotes the fact that you will never get it.

If you really want to achieve something do not hope for it; desire it.

If you need to be successful as much as you need food to stay alive then you will find a way to be successful. If someone was suffocating you then you would fight with all your might to breath, not one ounce of effort would be spared. People claim they want success but they don’t fight for it with the passion of someone who desires success.

Becoming successful is possible with a strong enough desire to achieve it.

If someone told you right now that if you didn’t legally earn £100,000 in a year then they would kill all your family then you would find a way to get that £100,000. A strong enough craving for success WILL result in a strong enough work ethic which WILL make you successful.

Image credit: edited from dicau58 flickr

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