Learn To Sell Yourself

The most important thing that you can ever learn to sell is yourself. You need to be able to convince people you are friendly, trustworthy and worthwhile investing in. Wether your trying to get a job, sell a product or get a new business partner you are going to have top find some way to build a relationship with them. The best way you can build these relationships is by being able to effectively portray to the other person the exactly what is good about you. You need to be able to sell yourself.

The most success you will ever get will come from directly dealing with other people.

Sometimes selling yourself can be more important than selling what you can do. It is not always the most qualified people who get job positions, often it is the people who the employer can relate to most. Richard Branson ranks a person’s personality and reliability higher than their qualifications.

How You Can Sell Yourself

1. Remember everyone is a customer. Wether your trying to get your boss to give you a promotion, trying to get a girlfriend/ boyfriend or persuading a friend around to your way of thinking they are all your customers. You are trying to get something from them by giving them something in return. Your whole life is a constant sales pitch of yourself, never forget to show your good points to people.

2. Forget about selling your product or service. Never lead with a sales pitch of your product, instead build a relationship with your customer. Take an interest in their interests, get some background information on their hobbies or things they have recently done, then bring it up when you meet them. You will find that people are much more willing to talk about themselves than you. By allowing them to open up about themselves they will begin to feel trusting of you, they will like you as a person. When you build a relationship with a person you no longer have to sell them things, they will be willingly chasing down your products.

3. Be persistent. Don’t give up after the initial ‘no’ to your sales pitch, be determined to get a yes. The top sales people claim to make a vast amount of their sales after someone has already told them no. By giving up at the first sign of rejection you limit the number of sales you can make. Many people may not like you to begin with, so be persistent and change their opinion of you. It will sometimes knock your confidence to get turned down but you have to overcome that which brings me on to my next point.

4. Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe your worth investing in then no-one else will, hold your head high and act with confidence and people believe that you have value. Make a list of the 100 best qualities about yourself right now, accept your weaknesses but don’t dwell on them, improve them. Often people play down the good aspects of themselves, they literally make themselves seem worse than they are. That’s the wrong thing to do, use and show off your strengths to grow in confidence.

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5. Be original. No one is going to invest in you if you are an average person, no oner cares about the average. What people really care about is the elite and unique. The easiest way to ever sell yourself is by becoming someone who everyone wants to be around, then you don’t have to spend hours convincing people. When you become the greatest person in your chosen field, people try to sell themselves to you. That is when you know you are truly the greatest salesmen in the world.

Everyone is your customer, go out there and sell yourself to them.

WARNING! As a person you NEED to stay grounded. Never forget who you are and what you are, when trying to please other people never forget your true self. Being able to sell your self should always be an external skill, by that I mean you should act how is necessary on the outside but never let it compromise who you are on the inside. What I am giving you here is not advice to change who you are, I have merely provided you with the best knowledge of how to act.

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