Thought Of The Day #5 The Power Of Auto-suggestion

Auto-suggestion is the process of transforming your conscious thoughts into subconscious thoughts, Napoleon Hill talks a lot about it in his best-selling book Think And Grow Rich. It is basically used to make success a habit, when you can begin to subconsciously think about success it is no longer an effort. Just as pro sportsmen can compete with very little conscious effort by using their instincts you too can make success instinctual. There are 3 main stages to making the achievement of your goals instinctual:

  1. Think about your goal, what is it?
  2. Add emotion to you goal, begin to truly believe it could happen
  3. Repeat your goal to yourself repeatedly, every day for half an hour until it becomes a habit

Napoleon Hill says that if you can develop your subconscious mind to be success orientated you won’t even have to plan how you will achieve your goal, your subconscious mind will be doing that for you. The plan will jump into your conscious mind through a sudden burst of inspiration. You can control the functions of your mind with enough dedication and once you do the possibilities are boundless.

You will become the master of you fate, the captain of your soul.

Image credit: dierk schaefer Flickr

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