TOTD #10 Turn Your Mediocre Talents Into Expertise

No-one ever became successful by being average at a lot of things, you become successful by being world-class at a ,limited amount of things..It takes far more time and resources to become half decent at something that you have no natural talent in, than it does to increase your skill level in something your already half decent in.

If your rubbish at public speaking for example and have been all your life then don’t try to become an expert at it, you will only ever be average at best. You will be better of becoming an expert in a field you are naturally gifted in, you may be good at sales, therefore become the greatest salesman in your company. You see how that would have a far greater impact on your life than becoming an average public speaker even though it will require the same amount of effort and perhaps even less.

Knowing where you excel is the first step to becoming an elite.

Image credit: edited from SayLuiiiis Flickr

3 thoughts on “TOTD #10 Turn Your Mediocre Talents Into Expertise

  1. Right on! Great message. Have you read “Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker? I think you would enjoy it. It’s all about learning what your strengths are and capitalizing on them.


    1. Actually I just finished it, although I didn’t say it in my post that is what inspired me to write it. It really is a great book, Tai Lopez has placed it as his no. 1.

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