Thought Of The Day #11 Add Value To The World

People become successful in life because they manage to enhance the quality of other peoples lives, using their own skills and talents. Wallace Wattles speaks about this in his book the science of getting rich, he says “you must give more in use value than in monetary value.” For example you may buy the iPhone for $500, it may seem expensive but you will use it for two or three years, it gives you the power to communicate with loved ones half way round the world, or make million dollar deals with other business people in other countries. The use value for many people is far greater than the $500 and that is why so many people buy them.

If you want to make a successful product make sure the customer gets more value than they pay for.

This is also a great principle to abide by when woking towards a promotion. The fastest way to get a promotion is by doing more work than you are paid to do, if you can do the job you want to be promoted to before you get the promotion then you will certainly be promoted.

Give your employer more than what they pay you for.

Image credit: edited from GotCredit Flickr

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